Red Point Artists Association brings together Artists, Artisans, Craftspeople and Art Students in all disciplines to advance the visual arts in the Illawarra and beyond. Formed in May 2008, RPAA established workshops, studios and an exhibition gallery in Port Kembla where established and emerging artists could show their work inexpensively. Present and former members exhibit their work in many galleries in eastern Australia from North Queensland to Tasmania. Building on five years’ experience as an association, and combining the skills and knowledge of members and colleagues, RPAA now offers top quality intensive art classes over four terms a year. 2013 WINNER: of the “Wollongong Community Award 2013” at the Australia Day awards dinner. “Outstanding contribution to the Port Kembla community and the revitalisation of the Billy Cart Derby”


Urban Art Australia 8 week  children’s aerosol painting course at Red Point Artists Port Kembla 

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Red Point Gallery Port Kembla

Red Point Gallery Port Kembla


Red Point Artists Port Kembla Workshop 10

Red Point Artists Port Kembla Workshop 10


Red Point Gallery Port Kembla

Red Point Gallery Port Kembla



Gift Certificates are available in hard copy posted or picked up from Red Point Office or emailed
Please phone 0422 389 269 or 0418 644 342 with details of class and sessions.
Payment is via direct deposit details below.

Banking Details
Direct Deposit Banking Details for Red Point Artists Association Inc Account:
IMB Bank (BSB 641 800) for RPAA Inc, A/c No. 200502859

Red Point Artists City Art Space at the Bloodbank

Current exhibition in The Bloodbank
Artists download or view: Coomaditchie Exhibition





Red Point Gallery Port Kembla

Red Point Gallery Port Kembla


Red Point Artists Port Kembla Workshop 10

Red Point Artists Port Kembla Workshop 10














All courses are conducted at Red Point Artists Workshop 10 in Kembla Court, 100 Wentworth Street, Port Kembla.
All tutors are professionals and recognised in their fields.
Please scroll down for information on individual courses.
Maximum of 10 minimum of 5 students in all courses and workshops.
Membership of Red Point Artists essential for all courses $30 per year.

Banking Details
Direct Deposit Banking Details for Red Point Artists Association Inc Account:
IMB Bank (BSB 641 800) for RPAA Inc, A/c No. 200502859


Painting and drawing
Learn to use a variety of drawing media and different approaches to making your own mark and developing confidence.
Draw with a range of materials including pencil, charcoal, ink and wash and pastels.
Be guided in different approaches while looking at everyday objects, familiar things and nearby locations.

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Download or view material list: Beginners Painting Materials list 16
Acrylic Colour names

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PaintingDrawing material list 2016 : Download or view list

Materials List for Mixed media Drawing : Download or view list 



Monday Drop In Art Classes

Linda Brown (c) 660



VENUE: WORKSHOP 10,Red Point Artists, 100 Wentworth Street. Port Kembla

TUTOR: LINDA BROWN  therustydoorarts.com

TIME: MORNING CLASS:  9.30 am – 1 pm

STARTS: 1st February 2016

COST: $15 per class

AFTERNOON CLASS: 1 pm – 4 pm

STARTS: 1st February 2016

COST PER SESSION: $15 per session , membership of RPAA essential $30 per year

CONTACT: RPAA ADMINISTRATION: 0422 398 269 or 0418 644 342


Linda Brown Workshops 2015 title

Workshops with Linda Brown 2016

Children over 10 years are welcome to attend all the workshops but must be accompanied by a participating adult

Sunday 20 March 10am-3pm
Watercolour for beginners with Linda Brown
This workshop will cover a range of techniques used in watercolour painting. Techniques will be explained and demonstrated step by step, followed by the students practicing each technique on a work sheet, which they will take home. In the workshop a number of watercolour sketches will be completed and the afternoon will culminate with a guided artwork created by each student using some of the techniques practiced on the day.
Suitable for beginners or those that just want to brush up on their skills

Sunday 22 May 10am – 2pm
Acrylic Painting Techniques with Linda Brown
Painting an art work on a stretched canvas
Acrylic paints are a wonderful medium to use, they can be used many ways to create art, and anything from a transparent watercolour wash to a thick impasto is possible with this medium. The workshop will cover a range of techniques used in acrylic painting. Each technique will be demonstrated followed by the students practicing these techniques on their own painting.
Back ground techniques, layering, glazing, textures, are just some of the techniques covered in this workshop.
Suitable for beginners – advanced

Sunday 17 July 10am-2pm
Urban Sketching with Linda Brown
Have you ever wanted to sketch outdoors, but feel conspicuous or worried about what people think, not sure how you will feel about people looking at your work, don’t know where to start? Then this class is for you! You will be working alongside other artists, and you will gain the knowledge, sketching techniques and confidence to draw/sketch wherever you choose. What is urban sketching? Urban sketching is about telling stories. Sketching on location, our streets and buildings, cafe’s, and people, catching and recording a moment in time. We will work in a variety of mediums to show the story in monochrome – full colour, drawing out what interests us.
In this workshop you will learn many new skills, such as how to quickly capture the scene by analyzing a view, working out a focal point, sketching and framing a composition. Rendering the sketch in various mediums, such as, graphite, pen and wash, watercolour, ink. The class will be on location, followed by completing a finished drawing in the studio at Port Kembla.
Suitable for beginners and those who want to improve their drawing skills

Sunday 18 September 10am-2pm
Drawing for Beginners with Linda Brown
This workshop is focused on improving your drawing skills, a number of topics will be covered, and techniques demonstrated.
Drawing is a skill that can be definitely learned. You will enjoy the freedom of working with a variety of mediums such as charcoal, graphite, ink, pastel and more.

Sunday 20 November 10am-2pm
Experimenting with Mixed Media – Flowers
Arty magic, you will be able to create paintings you have never attempted before, this workshop is a platform for self-expression, and will give you the freedom to experiment, perfect for those that are stuck doing the same artistic style and need some stimulation to break out of those boundaries.
This workshop will focus on the use of mixed media to paint a variety of flowers, in many different ways. Mixed medial gives you the freedom to let loose and enjoy the process of self-expression, developing the depth of the painting by multi layering, using collage, acrylic, textures, lines and mark making, enabling the art work to evolve and transform

All workshops $50 per person

A discount applies to a booking of 2 or more people

Payment may be made at The Rusty Door Arts 15/100 Wentworth St Port Kembla, Thursdays Fridays or Saturdays 10-2pm. Cash or Visa/Mastercard

Or by visiting   http://therustydoorarts.com/workshops_and_classes


Ceramics and silk painting

JANETTE LOUGHREY  www.janetteloughreyceramics.com.


‘Mummy Sagger’ workshop

This pottery workshop is looking at a unique method of sager firing that I have developed over the past few years.  A sagger is a container that pots, along with combustible materials and substances are placed in and low fired.  Beautiful, natural markings of an unpredictable nature develop on the surface of these non functional pieces.  During the workshop you will look at a range of materials and what patterning each one creates, we will prepare several pots that you have made prior to the workshop and then make a sagger for each one.  This workshop is being run in conjunction with  The Woodblock Kiln Building and Firing workshop.  It is an excellent way to fire your saggers.

Date: Saturday 16th July

Time: 9.30- 3.30

Cost: $30

 Materials:  You will need to have 2 or 3 made and bisque fired pots.  It is best

to use a white clay that has a terrasigilata surface or is burnished

Please look at the Materials Sheet before booking in.
Mummy Saggers Workshop Information Sheet

Booking: Janette 0401 910 074  or 42281531

Dulcie  0422 398 269


Mummy Sagger Workshop email



Woodblock Kiln Building and Firing Workshop

Have you ever wanted to build your own ‘once fired kiln’ and  fire it in the back yard?  This could be the workshop for you.  The woodblock kiln is a low fired   (800°c),easily constructed, minimal building materials, kiln.  It is ideal for sawdust and sagger firings.

At this workshop we will build a woodblock kiln, pack it with your work and saggers and fire it.   It will be unpacked at the conclusion of the day.  It will be a long day, but we are going to build, pack, fire and unpack in about 7 hours.

DateSunday 31st July

Time: 9am till ??????  4ish

Cost: $25

Materials:  All kiln building materials and fuel will be supplied.

Participants may bring 1or2 small pieces or saggers

Please check information  sheet before booking in.
Wood Block Kiln Building Information Sheet

Bookings:     Janette  0401 910 074 or 4228 1531

Dulcie  0422 398 269

Woodblock Kiln Building Workshop Email 

Wood Block Kiln Building and Firing

Wood Block Kiln Building and Firing



Urban Art Australia at Red Point Artists




Administration  Office
Studio 8
100 Wentworth Street
Port Kembla
Open Wednesdays  10.30am to 2pm
Other times by appointment : 0422 398 269


Dulcie Dal Molin
0418 644 342
0422 398 269


Secretary: Julie Telenta
0422 398 269

Gallery and Workshop 10 Hire/Bookings
Website, Facebook and Flickr Gallery
Dulcie Dal Molin

0418 644 342
0422 398 269

Art on the Grass
Janette Loughrey
0401 910 074

Attn: The Secretary
Redpoint Artists Association Inc

P.O Box 26 Port Kembla
New SouthWales

Banking Details
Direct Deposit Banking Details for Red Point Artists Association Inc Account:
IMB Bank (BSB 641 800) for RPAA Inc, A/c No. 200502859

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President: Dulcie Dal Molin
Vice President: Naomi Arrowsmith
Secretary: Julie Telenta
Karin Yeaman
Committee: Janette Loughrey
Committee: Kathryn Orton  
Committee: Gail Etheredge





Membership fee of the association is $30 a year from July 1st .
A regular Art Mart is held on the second Saturday of each month and all financial members are eligible to sell their works in the courtyard at that event, free of any fees and charges. Every member is expected to promote the association’s events and activities, to augment the constant publicity and marketing provided by RPAA committee members and colleagues.

Download Application for Membership Form: RPAA_Mem_Application_Form_220915
Download Renew Membership Form: RPAA_Mem_Renewal_Form_220915


  • The RPAA arts precinct is located at Kembla Court, 100 Wentworth Street, Port Kembla.
  • The office is open from 10am to 2pm Wednesdays or by appointment.
  • A regular rail service operates from Wollongong to Port Kembla station, which is 500 metres from Kembla Court.
  • Premier buses Nos 43 and 65 coordinate to carry rail passengers from the station up Wentworth Street.
  • There is generous free parking in the vicinity (e.g., city council carpark opposite the RSL Club in Allan Street).
  • Wentworth Street parking, however, has a one-hour limit and a 40kph speed limit.

Studio Spaces

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